Other Services

In Situ Classification:
Providing skilled personnel and reporting Services for classification, stocking, forwarding and loading operations during harvesting period and buying operations.

Collateral Management :
Collateral management services is a service to secure and monitor the product offered as collateral, and is kept in storage under a loan agreement between the Cargo Owner and the financier (Bank) by a third party inspection agency like our company (called the Collateral Manager) nominated by the financier. We can provide Collateral Management Services for various commodities, including agricultural and industrial products.

Guarantee Busiess Solution :
It is a service that covers weight and quality discrepancies detected between the loading and discharging of a shipment.

• Full outturn Guarantee weight (FOG) : Under an outturn guarantee, Gsi may assume responsibilities for any such weight differences in accordance with the custom of the port and/or the terms of your contract.

• Full outturn Quality (FOQ) :Under an outturn guarantee, Gsi may assume responsibilities for any  quality differences between the port of loading and port of discharge.

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